Kristina Reztsova

Born 27 April, 1996 ( 28 years old) in Moscow, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Kristina Reztsova ?
According to the birthday of Kristina Reztsova the astrological sign is Taurus .

Kristina Reztsova's Height is 167 cm. ( 5 ft 5 ins).

Currently, Kristina Reztsova is Single.

Occupation: biathlete.

Last Updated
December 19, 2020

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Kristina Reztsova is a Russian athlete and biathlete who, despite her young age, has achieved great success in Russian and world sports. In addition, the girl is famous for her shocking appearance on the track in lace underwear in 2013, which shocked and at the same time amused the public. 

Competitors for a long time gossiped that all the merits of Christina actually belong to her mother, two-time Olympic champion in biathlon Anfisa Anatolyevna Reztsova, until the girl proved her own sports professionalism.



Childhood and youth

Kristina Leonidovna Reztsova was born on April 27, 1996 in Moscow into a sports family. Kristina's mother, Anfisa Anatolyevna Reztsova, became an Olympic champion in two winter sports at once, and her father Leonid Reztsov, an international master of sports of the USSR in biathlon, coached Anfisa Anatolyevna. In marriage, Anfisa and Leonid had 4 daughters: Daria, Christina, Vasilisa and Maria.

The eldest daughter Daria Virolainen (married) received the title of international master of sports of Russia in biathlon. Having such parents and an older sister, Christina did not even doubt who she would become in the future. Although in an interview, the girl notes that if it were not for a sports family, her profession would probably be associated with the design of women's clothing.

By nature, Christina went to her mother: both ladies are emotional and impulsive, in contrast to Leonid Vasilyevich - calm and balanced. At the same time, at home, in the family circle, the topic of sports among the Reztsovs is raised quite rarely. Only at the beginning of her daughter's career, Anfisa Anatolyevna gave her daughter advice not to be diffused and not waste energy before the starts.




The young athlete took her first steps in biathlon at a sports school in the Moscow region, and in 2014 she began training in Khanty-Mansiysk.

In 2013, national biathlon championships were held in Murmansk, where Kristina surprised the judges and the audience with unusual equipment. The girl took to the track in lacy pink lingerie, worn over the traditional uniform. Later, Christina told in an interview how such a shocking behavior of a young athlete is explained. 

Christina, then still a newcomer to biathlon, told her friends and teammates before the race as part of the Spartakiad that if she won, she would go to the start in underwear. The victory in the race came as a surprise even for the girl herself, but her friends reminded Reztsova of this promise, and Christina could not help but keep her word.

The girl planned to appear in lingerie at the last relay of the Spartakiad, but she feared disqualification not only of the personal, but of the team as a whole, and Christina could not afford to let everyone down.

But at the championship in Murmansk, Christina did not shy away from fulfilling her promises and appeared at the start line in charming pink lingerie over a suit. Of course, in this form, the girl attracted the attention of absolutely everyone present. At first, those around them simply could not understand what had happened, but the audience relieved the tension by translating the incident into a joke. According to the athlete, her appearance lifted the mood of everyone present.

Luck smiled at Christina again when the girl won in such a defiant manner. But after crossing the finish line, condemnation poured in Reztsova, Christina even seriously thought that she would be deprived of gold in the race, but, fortunately, it did not come to that. 

The biathlete herself emphasizes that before the start she was interested in the opinion of other athletes, if Christina's shocking appearance would not offend them, but not a single opponent was found, the girl was supported. After censure by the judges, Christina stressed that this situation will never happen again.

Two years later, Reztsova went to Belarus to participate in the World Junior Biathlon Championships, where she took second place in the relay, and came thirteenth in the individual race. In the next 2016, the girl's results decreased: eighth and ninth places, respectively.



Personal life

Little is known about the personal life of the young biathlete. The girl devotes almost all her free time to sports, there is no time or energy left for young people. The girl does not think about creating a family yet.

Even the photos on the girl's personal page on VKontakte mainly reflect her professional activities. The public outcry was provoked by a screenshot from a smartphone posted in the media, which shows an SMS message about a salary in the amount of 6 rubles. According to the Network, the girl ironically commented on the photo with a question of where to spend such an amount.

Nevertheless, sporting achievements are not the only strength of Christina Reztsova. In an interview, the athlete read out a poem of her own composition, admitting that she was fond of poetry. Summer vacation Christina, judging by the photographs, prefers to spend on the seaside, enjoying the sun and water.



Christina Reztsova now

After the junior world championship in 2017, where Kristina Reztsova received a bronze medal for the relay, and finished only thirteenth in the pursuit, the girl began serious preparations for the summer biathlon world championship. The athlete showed excellent results in these competitions, having received 6 medals, 2 of which were for the first places.

In the winter of 2017, Reztsova took part in the national championship, where she won a bronze medal in the women's 4x6 km relay, and finished fourth in the mass starts. In the summer of the same year, Christina received a gold medal in summer biathlon.

In the 2017-2018 season, the athlete went to the Swiss city of Lenzerheide for the first time to compete at the European Open Cup, where she won bronze medals.

In January 2018, Reztsova, paired with Alexei Volkov, finished fourth in the relay at the European Championships in Ridnaun. In an interview, the athlete said that due to the weather conditions, the participants in the competition showed mediocre results, like the Russian athletes.

When asked about plans for the future, Christina reports that the most important event in the biathlete's sports biography would be a performance at the Olympics, to which the girl aspires, like other athletes.




2013 - gold medal at the All-Russian competition for the prizes of Valery Kiriyenko and Anna Bogaliy-Titovets 2015 - silver medal at the 2017 World Junior Championships - bronze medal at the 2017 Junior World Championships - gold medal at the 2017 Summer Biathlon World Championships - bronze medal at Russian Biathlon Championships 2017 - gold medal at the Russian Summer Biathlon Championships



Net Worth

Kristina Reztsova 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

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Kristina Reztsova Net Worth 2021

Kristina Reztsova 's revenue is $1.6M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kristina Reztsova and could vary in the range between $813.1K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $49.9K - $121.6K
November 2021 $66.3K - $126.6K
October 2021 $45.1K - $90.5K
September 2021 $78K - $102.2K
August 2021 $79.9K - $110.9K
July 2021 $82.9K - $145.9K
June 2021 $47.9K - $138.6K
May 2021 $61K - $92.8K
April 2021 $45.8K - $116.4K
March 2021 $69.7K - $128.9K
February 2021 $77.5K - $101.9K
January 2021 $67K - $143.6K


Kristina Reztsova Net Worth 2020

Kristina Reztsova 's revenue is $1M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kristina Reztsova and could vary in the range between $579.2K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $59.4K - $118.2K
November 2020 $70.4K - $109.5K
October 2020 $61.5K - $113.6K
September 2020 $74.6K - $131K
August 2020 $42.8K - $139.5K
July 2020 $48.1K - $97.8K
June 2020 $65K - $131.5K
May 2020 $61.7K - $159.4K
April 2020 $42.4K - $154K
March 2020 $47.9K - $141K
February 2020 $63.6K - $155.8K
January 2020 $57.7K - $130.3K


Kristina Reztsova Net Worth 2019

Kristina Reztsova 's revenue is $1M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kristina Reztsova and could vary in the range between $754.3K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $65.9K - $88.6K
November 2019 $75.4K - $145.5K
October 2019 $67.6K - $112.2K
September 2019 $69K - $119.5K
August 2019 $68.3K - $157K
July 2019 $43.4K - $141.2K
June 2019 $77.1K - $121.5K
May 2019 $67.2K - $85.7K
April 2019 $61.7K - $141.3K
March 2019 $60.2K - $153.8K
February 2019 $49.1K - $146.7K
January 2019 $59K - $95.9K


Kristina Reztsova Net Worth 2018

Kristina Reztsova 's revenue is $1.1M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kristina Reztsova and could vary in the range between $706.3K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $80.4K - $157.1K
November 2018 $42.6K - $92.8K
October 2018 $59.3K - $84.4K
September 2018 $70.7K - $87.1K
August 2018 $57.3K - $103.2K
July 2018 $58.9K - $128K
June 2018 $59.3K - $161.8K
May 2018 $53.5K - $99.7K
April 2018 $60.6K - $152.4K
March 2018 $42.4K - $144.4K
February 2018 $63.3K - $118.2K
January 2018 $49.5K - $104.1K


Kristina Reztsova Net Worth 2017

Kristina Reztsova 's revenue is $1.4M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kristina Reztsova and could vary in the range between $923.9K - $1.8M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $42.5K - $128.3K
November 2017 $81.8K - $106.6K
October 2017 $43K - $156.5K
September 2017 $65.5K - $102.2K
August 2017 $61.1K - $95.5K
July 2017 $45K - $107.2K
June 2017 $55.3K - $159.9K
May 2017 $69.9K - $102.4K
April 2017 $46.5K - $160.2K
March 2017 $67.4K - $136.7K
February 2017 $71.7K - $96.2K
January 2017 $63.8K - $125.2K


Kristina Reztsova Net Worth 2016

Kristina Reztsova 's revenue is $1.1M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kristina Reztsova and could vary in the range between $800.2K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $55.6K - $85.5K
November 2016 $54.8K - $105.5K
October 2016 $74.8K - $115.8K
September 2016 $59.5K - $131.9K
August 2016 $77.2K - $104.3K
July 2016 $70.5K - $103.8K
June 2016 $42.9K - $101.7K
May 2016 $44.1K - $163.2K
April 2016 $64.7K - $149.5K
March 2016 $70.2K - $125K
February 2016 $49.1K - $90.6K
January 2016 $51.5K - $91.5K


Kristina Reztsova Net Worth 2015

Kristina Reztsova 's revenue is $1.7M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kristina Reztsova and could vary in the range between $850.2K - $1.2M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $69.1K - $138.5K
November 2015 $58.7K - $99.2K
October 2015 $58.3K - $138.4K
September 2015 $48.7K - $164.3K
August 2015 $59.9K - $109.5K
July 2015 $81.9K - $87.9K
June 2015 $59.4K - $120.4K
May 2015 $47.2K - $145K
April 2015 $63.7K - $130.4K
March 2015 $44.3K - $132.8K
February 2015 $82.2K - $154.5K
January 2015 $53.7K - $84.2K


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