Jim Carrey

Born 17 January, 1962 ( 62 years old) in Newmarket, Canada .

What is the zodiac sign of Jim Carrey ?
According to the birthday of Jim Carrey the astrological sign is Capricorn .

Jim Carrey's Height is 187 cm. ( 6 ft 1 ins).

Currently, Jim Carrey is single.

Occupation: actor, cinema, comedian.

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July 12, 2020

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Jim Carrey is considered one of the best comedians of our time. The actor has occupied a unique niche in Hollywood and for many years pleases the audience with funny roles, the special entertainment of which give indescribable mism and plastic artist. He has won many prestigious awards, with film critics pointing out that the highest-paid comedian of "Dream Factory" has never been a contender for the Oscars.

Despite the constant humor in the movie, Kerry's biography is hardly fun and easy. The actor's path to celebrity was thorny and full of failures that he passed with dignity.



Childhood and adolescence

James Eugene Kerry was born in early 1962 into a large family in Newmarket. Jim became the fourth child in the family of Katherine and Percy Carrey, who poorly kept the life. The boy's mother once worked as a singer, but was forced to do household chores, raising children, so never returned to the profession. His father was a successful accountant and the main breadwinner in the family.

From a young age, the future film star loved to entertain others with parody. Jim writhed funny faces, than invariably caused smiles on the faces of classmates and teachers.

The boy recorded the parodies on camera, and when the sketches accumulated more than 80 pieces, risked sending to the popular comedy show Carol Barnett. Kerry was 11 years old at the time. However, Jim never received an invitation to the TV program or at least an elementary answer to the letters.

The actor's family lived poorly, but the boy learned about the real problems with money at the age of 14. Jim's father was fired from his job, and the family had to travel around the country in search of income. The family stayed in the Toronto suburbs, where the elder Kerry got a job as a security guard at the firm. Alas, the income of the father was decidedly lacking, and the children also had to work as cleaners. At the same time, the former comedian was waiting for the first disappointment in the professional field. The father took his son to the local Yak-yak club, where Jim had the opportunity to perform on stage with his number. The audience booed the future Hollywood star. This was the last straw for the young man, and he stopped performing, locked himself in.

Fortunately, the period of failure and hardship passed for the family of Kerry, the children quit the hated job, and the father found another source of income. The couple had to live in a trailer, but it was a small price to pay for the release of disrespectful work. Jim went to Eldershot High School and gradually got rid of isolation, and also found a job in a steel mill.

In 1979, the future actor, with no musical education, founded the group Spoons, playing in the style of "new wave". Jim also ventured back on stage at the same club he left in disgrace a few years ago. In his youth, a handsome and tall (the height of the humorist 187 cm) the young man had every chance to become a musician or artist of a romantic role, but Jim did not forget the dream of comedy. This time the audience was more favorable to the young talent. Under his patronage of the artist took the manager Litrais Spivak, who made him a real celebrity institution.

Kerry's performances were made by people from all over Toronto, with critics calling the actor a rising star in one voice. Onstage at the Yak-yak club, Jim was spotted by another famous comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, and offered to play at his opening in Las Vegas. Jim agreed, but worked with Rodney for a short time, as Carrey beckoned Hollywood, which was now very close. So the young man was in Los Angeles, where he began to work in the humorous club Comedy Shop and attended all available castings.




Kerry made her television debut in the humorous stand-up show An Evening at the Improv in 1982. After a while he was invited to the late-night talk show The Tonight Show. But the future actor dreamed of a "big meter" and participation in full-fledged paintings.

In 1983, Jim's dream partially came true, Kerry was offered the title role of a new comedian in the film "Resin Face" and another film called "Mount Kupper". Both films were planned low-budget and came out for home viewing.

In 1984, the artist was invited to the children's animated sitcom "Duck Factory", which was closed a month later. But during the existence of the show managed to give Jim a lot of useful acquaintances and pay attention to him not the last directors in Hollywood. Then the actor met with the director Clint Eastwood, who invited the comedian to his club to parody him and other famous people. For some time the artist worked in the club, but later said that he did not want to become famous due to parody.

The success and first world fame came after taking part in the comedy "Ace Ventura: The Search for Pets" in 1993. The film came out ambiguous, from the beginning the picture was haunted by problems: the most famous comedians refused to participate in the comedy, and Jim agreed to the role only with the condition of a complete reworking of the script and the image of the main character.

The film was very popular with the audience, the box office exceeded the budget, and the performer received the first award of the MTV Movie Awards. But the critics were not so supportive: in the dust spread the tape, and the actor was awarded "Golden Raspberry" as the worst new star.

Subsequent tapes with Jim could not leave indifferent even critics: the films "Mask" and "Dumber" became world hits, giving the audience love to the new hollywood comedy star. Carrie's joke proved more than appropriate in the film "The Mask", where the main character from time to time turns into the green-faced god Loki.

Since 1996, Kerry became the star of the show Saturday Night Live, where he shot humorous sketches and music videos. In sketches Jim parodies popular movies, celebrities and himself. The actor dances disco, ballet and pretends to be a tourist, portrays a singer, lifeguard or fitness trainer.

Viral popularity was gained from the sketch from the series Roxbury Guys, which often appears under the name "What is love?" according to the refrain playing in the clip of the song. Jim Carrey with Will Ferrell and Chris Catten played three brothers who are unable to meet girls at parties. Most of the action clip takes place in the car, when party-goers go from party to party. Sketches of this series are so popular with the audience that based on the videos made a feature film "Night in Roxbury."

In the big movie, the iconic role of the actor was the character Fletcher Reed from the film "Liar, Liar", released in 1997. For the sake of this role, Jim gave up another equally interesting film "Austin Powers: The International Mystery Man." Curiously, this was the first picture where the audience was able to see the natural hair color of the favorite actor, before that Kerry starred either in wigs with unthinkable hairstyles, or with hair of wild flowers. The film earned the actor a second Golden Globe nomination and another MTV award.

Kerry achieved immense fame as a comedian. Most of the roles he played have a humorous overtones, but Jim did not dwell on the comedy role. In 1998 he starred in the drama "The Truman Show". Hero Kerry - a man who learned that his whole life was a rigged reality show. Truman sometimes allows himself jokes and squeezing, but this is definitely a dramatic character.

In 1999, Kerry played "Man on the Moon" about comedian Andy Kaufman in a biopic about the life of comedian Andy Kaufman. The film showed the tragic side of the life of a man who seemed to be funny and funny to the audience.

In 2000, Jim returned to the popular genre of comedy and played a policeman with a split personality in the film "Me, Again Me and Irene".

In the same year, the screening of the family film "Grinch - The Kidnapper of Christmas" began, in which the comedian reincarnated as an evil creature, preventing the inhabitants of a provincial town to celebrate their favorite holiday. In 2003, the actor played one of his best comedic roles, a man who received divine powers, in the film "Bruce Almighty".

In 2007, Jim again decided to experiment and starred in Joel Schumacher's mystical thriller "Rock Number 23". Critics did not appreciate the actor's performance and nominated Kerry for "Golden Raspberry."

Another atypical role for Jim was the role in the drama "I Love You, Phillip Morris", where Carrey played Stephen Russell, a guy with an unconventional orientation. With the film there were many problems, because of the frank scenes the picture refused to show in cinemas, but still it came out in 2010.

Fans and critics reacted to the project cool, and the artist again returned to filming in comedies. One of them was the family film "Mr. Popper's Penguins", in which Jim played the role of the main character, an animal protector.

In 2014, the actor appeared in the comedy action movie "Pipetz 2", where he played the leader of the main character's followers, self-proclaimed heroes in masks, Colonel America.

Over time, Kerry tries to do more in serious drama films. Fans attribute this to the age of the performer and the fact that the actor does not want to remain hostage to one role.

In 2016, the comedian's filmography was supplemented by the romantic thriller "Bad Party". In October of the same year, the Polish Festival hosted the presentation of a crime drama featuring Kerry "True Crime".



Personal life

In 1983, Kerry dated singer Linda Ronstadt for eight months, but the relationship did not work out and the young men broke up. Four years later, actress and waitress "Comedy Store" Melissa Homer appeared in the personal life of the comedian.

Shortly after meeting Jim proposed to the girl. And in September 1987, the couple had a daughter, Jane Erin. The couple's relationship was not always smooth and was accompanied by serious quarrels, which in 1995 led to divorce. Kerry had to pay his ex-wife $7 million to back off.

Divorce seriously affected The mental health of Kerry, the actor fell into depression and began to use antidepressants, which soon stopped helping. Then Jim took a step towards a healthy lifestyle and took up sports, replacing antidepressants with vitamins.

Kerry remarried a year later. His chosen one was the actress Lauren Holly, this marriage was also short-lived: after 10 months the couple divorced. Later, Jim met with famous ladies of Hollywood, including actress Renee zellweger and model Jenny McCarthy.

The beloved artist at one time was the Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. According to her, they had several romantic dates, but the complicated working schedule of the artists was the reason for their separation.

In February 2010, Kerry became a grandfather, the daughter of actor Jane gave birth to a boy named Jackson Riley.

The actor leads the official Instagram. On his page, Jim rarely posts new photos. But in the public domain there are pictures with Kerry, which are popular with users. A photograph of Kerry and Stephen Hawking is known.

On it the comedian holds on to the leg, which accidentally got under the wheel of the scientist's wheelchair. During the life of the physicist, celebrities maintained a friendly relationship, and the artist often visited his friend, who had a non-standard sense of humor.

Another photo with Carrie and his companion Jenny McCarthy was taken on the Malibu coast. Seeing the paparazzi, who did not lag behind the couple, the humorist decided to surprise them. He appeared in front of the cameras in his lover's swimsuit, in which the girl had sunbathed on the beach an hour earlier.



Jim Carrey now

The main premiere of 2018 with the participation of Jim Carrey was the comedy series "Shuchu." In the film, the comedian got the central role of Jeff Picchirillo, the TV host of the children's show. The hero had to face a family tragedy - the death of his son, and he had to maintain a high rating of his own transmission. At the end of the year it became known that the series will be renewed for Season 2.

Now the work is underway to create the film "Sonic in the Cinema" ("Yuzh Sonic"), which is an artistic picture with elements of animation. The image of the antagonist of the main character, the villain Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik, on the screen recreates Jim Carrey. The film is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2019.

The actor also stars in the comedy "Ricky Staniki." The plot of the picture tells the story of how two friends invented a friend Ricky, who piled problems and blame for the offenses. Already in adulthood friends have to hire an actor for this role to convince others that they have not lied to loved ones since childhood.




1981 - "The Rubber Face"

1993 - Ace Ventura: Pet Search

1994 - "Dumb and dumber"

1994 - "The Mask"

1995 - "Batman Forever"

1997 - "Liar, Liar"

1999 - Man on the Moon

2003 - "Bruce the Almighty"

2004 - "The Eternal Shining of the Pure Mind"

2009 - "I Love You, Phillip Morris"

2011 - "Mr. Popper's Penguins"

2016 - "True Crime"

2016 - "Bad Party"

2017 - "Jim and Andy: Another World"

2018 - "Shuchu"

2019 - "Sonic in the Movies"



Net Worth

Jim Carrey's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & much more details has been updated below.

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Jim Carrey Net Worth 2021

Jim Carrey 's revenue is $1.3M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jim Carrey and could vary in the range between $670.9K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $82.5K - $92.3K
November 2021 $66.4K - $151.6K
October 2021 $49.3K - $134.2K
September 2021 $81.7K - $130.3K
August 2021 $81.3K - $106.8K
July 2021 $61.3K - $105.1K
June 2021 $56K - $94.6K
May 2021 $70.8K - $131.5K
April 2021 $79K - $90.4K
March 2021 $70.2K - $139.7K
February 2021 $78.3K - $145.1K
January 2021 $44.9K - $165.9K


Jim Carrey Net Worth 2020

Jim Carrey 's revenue is $1.9M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jim Carrey and could vary in the range between $638.4K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $66.4K - $134.3K
November 2020 $68.5K - $95.3K
October 2020 $72.6K - $140.6K
September 2020 $53.3K - $109.3K
August 2020 $68.3K - $109.4K
July 2020 $83.3K - $157.2K
June 2020 $79.8K - $134K
May 2020 $57K - $89.2K
April 2020 $63.5K - $125.4K
March 2020 $47.8K - $116.6K
February 2020 $59K - $138.8K
January 2020 $72.2K - $102.4K


Jim Carrey Net Worth 2019

Jim Carrey 's revenue is $1.9M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jim Carrey and could vary in the range between $901.2K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $54.4K - $135K
November 2019 $56.3K - $155.2K
October 2019 $54.7K - $166.1K
September 2019 $54.7K - $137.5K
August 2019 $42.5K - $163.1K
July 2019 $47.1K - $90.1K
June 2019 $66.8K - $149.3K
May 2019 $68.7K - $149.9K
April 2019 $73.3K - $149.1K
March 2019 $72.7K - $83.9K
February 2019 $68K - $111.2K
January 2019 $73.5K - $139.2K


Jim Carrey Net Worth 2018

Jim Carrey 's revenue is $1.1M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jim Carrey and could vary in the range between $677.5K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $43.8K - $135.8K
November 2018 $78.6K - $160.9K
October 2018 $65.8K - $130.7K
September 2018 $42.3K - $111.8K
August 2018 $44.9K - $142.6K
July 2018 $81.8K - $133.3K
June 2018 $56.8K - $118.6K
May 2018 $59K - $112.8K
April 2018 $69.1K - $153K
March 2018 $62.4K - $126.9K
February 2018 $66.2K - $116.6K
January 2018 $76.1K - $88.8K


Jim Carrey Net Worth 2017

Jim Carrey 's revenue is $1.1M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jim Carrey and could vary in the range between $654.4K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $73.8K - $88.1K
November 2017 $81.5K - $138.5K
October 2017 $49K - $106.7K
September 2017 $61.4K - $141.8K
August 2017 $44.1K - $95.9K
July 2017 $81.7K - $91.2K
June 2017 $83K - $162.3K
May 2017 $62.9K - $110.8K
April 2017 $75.5K - $103.5K
March 2017 $82.6K - $118.3K
February 2017 $73.7K - $133.2K
January 2017 $49.1K - $109.4K


Jim Carrey Net Worth 2016

Jim Carrey 's revenue is $1.1M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jim Carrey and could vary in the range between $602.9K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $56.7K - $138K
November 2016 $43K - $147.1K
October 2016 $62.8K - $95K
September 2016 $77.8K - $102.6K
August 2016 $71.3K - $112.8K
July 2016 $42.8K - $99.9K
June 2016 $56.3K - $104.3K
May 2016 $79.9K - $96.4K
April 2016 $57.2K - $129.3K
March 2016 $59.1K - $146.7K
February 2016 $71.4K - $117.1K
January 2016 $63.3K - $103.5K


Jim Carrey Net Worth 2015

Jim Carrey 's revenue is $2M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jim Carrey and could vary in the range between $710K - $2M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $76.8K - $161.3K
November 2015 $82.9K - $108.1K
October 2015 $70.1K - $132.6K
September 2015 $57.9K - $129.9K
August 2015 $55.7K - $142.3K
July 2015 $42.8K - $115.7K
June 2015 $76.5K - $134.8K
May 2015 $56.6K - $153.3K
April 2015 $56.5K - $136.3K
March 2015 $57.3K - $144.3K
February 2015 $58.4K - $102.8K
January 2015 $68.6K - $138K


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