How To Make A Womanizer Fall In Love With Us

The Story

No, I'm not a schoolgirl. Long time already. And yes, I want to tame a womanizer. Why? What about sports? Each one of us has encountered such a man. Some are encountering regularly. What distinguishes this breed of men... They're pretty self-confident. Some have seriously believed, others are sensitive, but diligently conceal it. All they have in common is they don't take you seriously. And you wonder how much more perfect you have to be to fall. I don't think that's necessary. The female is kefi to women who question his ego and shake it. They are a challenge, the others are boring him. In my opinion, to tame a womanizer is difficult, but not impossible. You're just being so unceremonially and insensitive. I personally speak to them baby, dear and at the same time I keep my distance. I'm kind and awfully cold. Because they are. I'm not jealous, I give them all the freedom. The word link is disabled. I talk about sex all the time. I look to be less serious than them. It's... How do you treat men like that?

Last Updated
May 25, 2020