Contratiempo Review (Crime Thriller, 2016)

Learn more about the movie "Contratiempo" released in 2016. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "The Invisible Guest"?
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Contratiempo - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Contratiempo" is a Crime Thriller production.

IMDB rated the movie with 7.5 / 10.

According to Google Users - 85% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Oriol Paolo Actors: Jose Coronado, Mario Casas, Ana Wachener, Barbara Lenny, Francesc Orella, Paco Tous, David Selvas, Inigo Gastesi, San Elamos, Manel Duoso

Contiempo has been produced with the budget of Budget: $4.8 million. Interesting and exciting.



Contratiempo Review

Adrian Doria (Mario Casas) - young successful Businessman. It would seem that he has not a life, but Fairy Tale: A beautiful family, a great home. To he was recently announced businessman of the year.

But in Adrian's life everything is stark changes when it is discovered in locked from the inside room secluded standing in the mountains of the hotel, and in that the same number -- the corpse of his mistress Laura Bidal (Barbara Lenny) and the room scattered a very large sum of money.

Adrian explains that his specially framed that the room was someone third -- that's what he killed Laura. However, there is no evidence of this, and Adriana is placed under house arrest before the trial Arrest.

He then decides invite to protect the famous lawyer Virginia Goodman (Ana Wahener). Virginia is famous for never losing, and that's going to be her last job, so especially since she just doesn't have the right Lose.

Virginia comes to The Apartment to Adrian and begins figuring out how it was. At first, Adrian not inclined to be outspoken, but the lawyer explains to him that she can't win the case if he doesn't know the whole Truth. And gradually Adrian starts her to talk about the whole chain of events, which eventually led to such a terrible denouement and ruined his entire Life.


I am Generally love Spanish detective stories Thrillers: they are markedly different from American, and and the plots in them Interesting.

This film was advised to me, I looked into the movie base, saw that the rating is very high and decided that I will Watch.

Started watch -- and something this movie is in style and manner of staging recalled famously swirling Spanish detective thriller "The Body" that I saw about five years ago. Looked at the name of the director - and it's the same Oriol Paolo. Well, no wonder why the style seemed familiar.

Starts "Invisible Guest" (original the name translates as trouble, trouble, obstacle) not very vigorously, Well, also the actions of the main characters in some of the points seem counterintuitive, but the farther, the more Virginia unwinding Adrian's frankness, and it becomes clear that Adrian did not too sincere with his lawyer. And at Virginia principle: it is ready to defend anyone, but only if full of truthfulness.

And here begins a difficult game between lawyer and Adrian. Businessman is clearly something doesn't say anything, and Virginia have to literally to investigate by comparing the information that Adrian reports trying to recreate the real Picture.

To watch it's very interesting, especially since the investigation process is not only various details are added, but also the very picture of action is changing, and more than once.

And the director (a.k.a. the author script) for viewers saved some very spectacular storylines twists that are being watched you can suspect, but that's to be straight to guess at all -- I, for example, don't It's a go.

Choice Mario Casas as Adrian at first wonder, but the further, the better this character was revealed, and to I had no questions at the end of the film why the director chose him. Because handsome something handsome (why wouldn't be so young successful businessman, really), but at times Adrian was looking at something a little bit. Sinister.

Yes and his moral image, let's face it bluntly, very unperfect, and those troubles which he had brought upon his head and head of several other people, were quite natural. Here's why innocent people were hurt . so it's because there's no-no justice.

If would Adrian enjoyed happy family life in the company of a beautiful wife and a wonderful child, that's how he would have lived - I didn't. No, he definitely needs to. was to have an affair on the side, and it's the usual affair - NEW TO BEFORE YOU AND NADO, CABRON, said me and the cat Bagel as ardent zeators of real, and not cinematic family values.

Barbara Lenny quite effectively played a beauty-photographer Laura Bidal, and her role was very uneasy and diverse, but I don't I'll tell you details so as not to the spoiler.

The main decoration of the film, of course - it's a lawyer Virginia Goodman, who is utterly Alooker played wonderfully. The lady in age, able to unwind criminals on the recognition, with a very solid character and a great experience. Of course, Adrian was not with her. coping, and she eventually got from it the information that I did. Excellent role - bright and Spectacular.

In the So, looked with a great pleasure and believe that Oriol Paolo as a screenwriter and director is clearly growing. And "The Body" was quite worthy. thriller, and "The Invisible Guest" - more exciting and interesting.

On IMDB rating is just off the scale, but 8.1 is, in my opinion, too much. In the system IMDB rankings (and it's complicated, and there Used at all not average arithmetic) I would bet 7.5.

So if you like the strong, original detective thrillers with sharp plot twists -- I think You're going to love it.

P. S. I was looking at Spanish, there there was still a multi-voice from AlexFilm. Listened - sort of translated and voiced pretty good, impression of the movie won't spoil if you watch in this version.



Contratiempo - Trailer

Sinopsis: Acusando de un asesinato del que se declara inocente, el exitoso empresario Adrián Doria contrata los servicios de Virginia Goodman, la mejor preparadora de testigos del país. En el transcurso de una noche, ambos trabajarán para encontrar una duda razonable que le libre de la cárcel. La aparición de un nuevo testigo de cargo amenaza con destrozar la estrategia de la defensa obligándoles a recomponer a contrarreloj las piezas de un puzle imposible

Director: Oriol Paulo Reparto: Mario Casas, Ana Wagener, Jose Coronado, Bárbara Lennie, Francesc Orella, Paco Tous, David Selvas, Iñigo Gastesi


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