Am I Not Well, Or Is Everyone Else Crazy?

The Story

I am a woman of 24. I'm just thinking these days and I don't know if I'm not well or everyone else is crazy I want to ask, DO I HAVE to let every man go, given that I don't have a boyfriend ??? So I have noticed this here for the last 3 years, the situation has become unbearable. I don't have a boyfriend and it's my own choice. Almost like I don't let anyone take me down, I'm crazy, abnormal, mentally ill, freak, congested, frigid, asexual, etc. I've been abroad for a while and I've been taken down by some gypsies (nothing personal against gypsies, just I don't like it) and there are all kinds of sediments and when I refuse, they ask me if I'm not sick with AIDS, or maybe I'm a lesbian? And I don't know how to explain to them that I can have a lot of sex, but when I don't see a suitable person, I just squeeze. Is that so weird? Apparently it's not only weird, it's paranormal. Recently, an elderly woman tried to "match" me with her brother, who had come for 2 days, married with children and not a good appearance. When I say "matchmaker", it is clear that it is only about sex, given that the man is married and is only here for 2 days. I didn't like him, nor would I think of having sex with him, and she asked me, "How old are you?" And how can I not think? !! Now some guy was taking me down again, in fact it provoked me to vent my anger here. He didn't take me down and now I listen to what they say about me - I wasn't in class, I'm asexual, kindergarten. I don't even think that I might not like him, or the way he takes me down - in me the problem is obligatory. He made me drink zorlyan twice and now I am obliged to "repay" him. Is this how normal things happen in your world? Because I seem to come from another. In my world, desire comes from both sides and things don't happen from the door to the feet. But yes, that makes me frigid. A friend told me her secret. When you don't want to be offered, to be teased, you just say you have a friend and a point. Yeah clear, so I have to lie. This is against my principles and I never lie that I have a friend when I don't. You look kind of immature to me. But maybe it would be a good idea. After every date with someone, he must ask and when I do not give him an end - there is no such thing as a friendly relationship, going out just for fun - it all ends there. My desire to go out and socialize has already died. I prefer to stay alone. So besides being asexual, let them call me antisocial. I just can't fit into this world.

Last Updated
October 26, 2020