Aleksandr Dobrynin

Born 27 March, 1957 ( 67 years old) in Mamadysh, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Aleksandr Dobrynin ?
According to the birthday of Aleksandr Dobrynin the astrological sign is Aries .

Currently, Aleksandr Dobrynin is divorced.

Occupation: musician, poet, singer.

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November 02, 2020

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Once upon a time, the undoubted hit "Pink Roses" sounded from every apartment and house. According to the performer, tall, charming blond Alexander Dobrynin, women and girls went crazy. The man scooped fame with a big spoon, but failed to maintain popularity, gaining the status of a star of the 90s. And yet the musician did not completely disappear from the stage and today he is gathering the halls, betting on long-time fans.



Childhood and youth

Alexander was born in Mamadysh (Republic of Tatarstan) into a teacher's family. Mom taught Russian language and literature to schoolchildren, and father led labor, physical education and drawing. The son turned out to be creative in nature, from childhood he became addicted to music, foreign performers were especially impressed.

After school he went straight to the army, and when he returned, he decided to become a musician himself. The young man went to Moscow and tried to enter the Music and Pedagogical Institute. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, but failed the exams. Now that little tragedy of life brings a smile - Dobrynin, despite everything, has become a professional musician and a favorite of thousands of listeners.




The musician entered the big stage in 1982 - this moment he considers the beginning of his professional creative biography. At first, like many colleagues, he amused the audience of restaurants and dance floors. Then Alexander changed the scattering of musical groups. The man managed to work in the groups "Hello, Song", "Architect", "Mirage", "Cinematography".

In 1988, Dobrynin joined the legendary group "Merry Boys" as an ordinary musician, but after leaving the collective of Alexei Glyzin he was included in the main line-up of soloists. Fans of the ensemble warmly welcomed the new singer - sincere and incredibly charming.

The first song in the newcomer's repertoire was the composition "Atlantis" by Igor Matvienko. After the release of the hit Pink Roses, Alexander Dobrynin found his own army of female fans, the girls did not give the young performer a pass, did not hesitate to throw themselves on their necks at concerts and just on the streets.

In the early 90s, inspired by fame and audience love, the singer decided to build a solo career. But, as it turned out later, he was too hasty. Working alone did not produce the desired results. And yet, some of the musician's steps left their mark on the Russian show business.

Dobrynin presented music lovers with the hit "Red Clown", which became an autobiographical song, the compositions "Night Flowers" and "Rita-Margarita", created together with Arkady Ukupnik. The composer Igor Mateta took part in the birth of the songs "You Want to", "Never", "Stay", which also became popular.

Alexander has released two albums. The first vinyl disc entitled "Night Flowers" was released in 1992, and five years later another disc, "Take and Buy", was released. What was missing was the full halls and the number of concerts, as in the old days. Gradually, Dobrynin's star began to fade away, he could not manage to break out into the leaders of the national stage. The musician received the label “the last idol of the VIA era”.

However, he continued to travel with solo concerts in Russia and the CIS countries, performed at discos, nightclubs, and events on an urban scale. In 2005, he returned to the "Merry Boys" team for a couple of years. For a long time, the producer of Alexander Dobrynin was Leonid Plavinsky, whom he later changed to Joseph Prigogine.

Dobrynin also appeared in the cinema. In 1988 he appeared in the film "Primorsky Boulevard" as a singer.



Personal life

Alexander does not hide the fact that there were many women in his life. Only down the aisle did the man manage to go three times and once live in a civil marriage. With his first wife, musician Larisa Savelyeva, he went to the registry office immediately after the army. He considers marriage to be thoughtless and therefore fleeting.

The second wife, the dancer Olga Shorina, became the singer's muse from the very first day of acquaintance. The girl even appeared in the video "Pink Roses". Pierre Narcisse became the mediator of the meeting. A stormy romance, full of quarrels, resulted in a stamp in the passport. The couple's life together was also not simple, the spouses cheated on each other. In an interview, Dobrynin says: he once learned that his wife had also met with singer Mikhail Muromov.

After the divorce, once at a meeting, Olga told Alexander that she had given birth to a daughter from him, whom she named Angelina. The singer did not recognize paternity, especially since Shorina took the child abroad.

For the third time, Dobrynin was in the registry office with a prostitute. The profession of the chosen one did not bother the musician. Just at the peak of popularity was Oleg Gazmanov's song "Putana", call girls suddenly began to seem romantic, unhappy creatures who want to help. So Alexander decided to "get the girl out of the mud."

I met the confused Elena at her workplace, in the Metelitsa club. He insisted that the girl tie up with the profession, and began to live with her. Over time, Lena increasingly began to linger "at a party", came after midnight, or even in the morning. As a result, the couple agreed on a guest marriage - to live separately, to meet on Saturdays. Once Alexander called his wife on an unplanned day, and the man answered the phone.

After the divorce, Lena said that she was expecting a child. She gave birth to a girl Lisa, but this time the singer did not recognize paternity. Among his probable children, Dobrynin singles out only his son Slava, because he sees an external resemblance to himself. The man met the boy's mother, Catherine, when he was married to Elena. Speaking about children, the singer explains to reporters:



Alexander Dobrynin now

Alexander Yuryevich is a frequent guest of Russian cities and towns, performs both solo and together with other musicians, whose songs were once sounded from every apartment. In March 2018, Kazan met the musicians. The concert program included Andrei Razin and the group "Laskoviy May" with the hits "White Roses" and "Gray Night", the group "Sweet Dream" and Sergei Vasyuta, who performed the famous "On the White Blanket of January", Alexander Dobrynin with the song "Pink Roses" ...

Dobrynin willingly participates in television projects. In May, the singer appeared in the studio of Andrey Malakhov's program "Hello, Andrey!" The "Pink Roses" performer spoke about his personal life and expressed regret that he did not communicate with his own children. Malakhov arranged a video meeting for his father with his daughter Angelina. However, instead of talking peacefully, the relatives quarreled.

Dobrynin accused the girl of being dependent. The fact is that three years ago she came to Moscow (she grew up and lives in Austria, does not speak Russian well), but she could not meet with her father, although they made an appointment. Angelina explained that she is not oriented in the Russian capital, and there was no one to accompany her to the meeting place.

Alexander only hastened to apologize and confess his love for his daughter, as the girl herself voiced a claim to a relative. Angelina asked where her father had been for 26 years. In the end, they agreed that she would soon come to Moscow, and the meeting would definitely take place.

Today Dobrynin lives with his elderly mother. He jokes that the cat Barsik became his favorite child.




1990 - Cover Girl. Songs to verses by Natalia Prostorova "1992 -" Night Flowers "1997 -" Take and Buy "1995 -" Pink Roses "(compilation disc)



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Aleksandr Dobrynin Net Worth 2021

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