6 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Glass Smartphone

A beautiful but expensive toy, which has more problems than good.
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May 27, 2020

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People love glass smartphones for their appearance and iridescent patterns on the lids. In addition, these devices have a good wifi, LTE and Bluetooth signals and, unlike metal gadgets, supports wireless charging. But in fact, the glass case is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. It won't look long. And here's why.



Glass smartphone is very easy to break

If you are one of those people who constantly drop their smartphones, it is better to stay away from glass cases. Fallen metal or plastic phone? Well, if the screen survived, then nothing terrible, consider, did not happen. Dropped the glass? A web of cracks irrevocably disfigures the beautiful back panel.

You can, of course, put on the gadget some impact-resistant case or overlay. But is it worth buying a non-cheap device with a stylish glass lid to then hide it in a case? In general, the owners of such smartphones should be very careful, especially as the situation is aggravated by the following point.



And the glass case is very slippery

Holding a device with a polished glass case with one hand, especially if you have a wet palm, is not an easy task. Glass easily slips out of your fingers.

It is also heavier than plastic or ceramics, but more fragile.

You will have to constantly use both hands: one to hold, the other to press the screen. Or again to put the smartphone in ergonomic, but spoiling its appearance case.



Glass is easily scratched

Even if you are extremely careful and never drop your glass phone, it will still lose its "commodity look" faster than devices with a metal body. After all, this stuff loves scratching.

Do you have a coin in the same pocket with a smartphone, or a key, or just a grain of sand? On the glass panel is another scratch - and good, if imperceptible. As a result, all these effects of "wet body" and "illusion of depth" will disappear, and the expensive device will start to look sloppy and simply wretched.

Of course, with bad luck you can scratch anything. But with a metal or plastic case, the risk is much less.



Such a phone collects fingerprints

Fingerprints on glass smartphones are a disaster. Even if you regularly wash your hands and do not suffer from excessive sweating, the back cover of the gadget is confidently covered with divorces and traces, despite all sorts of oleophobic coatings.

It remains either to put on a smartphone case (and why then at all a glass cover), or carry a rag of microfiber and regularly wipe it. Or get used to not paying attention to your fingers.



Cooling in a glass case is worse

Glass is not as good a thermal conductivity as metal. On the one hand, thanks to this, the glass smartphone stays in the hands of cool for longer. But the filling is cooled much worse than in the aluminum case, which itself serves as a radiator.

With heavy use of the gadget will be a performance problem. If you like to play mobile games with fancy graphics, then overheating, trotting and falling FPS are inevitable. In addition, the complexity of heat exchange leads to rapid battery wear.



Glass smartphones unnecessarily expensive

On average, smartphones with a glass case are more expensive than metal, ceramic and even more plastic. Especially considering that such like to equip the flagships.

Therefore, if you scratch and drop your device, the repair will fly you in a penny.

Ordinary smartphones are vulnerable on the screen and glass smartphones on both sides. That is, the risk of damaging the gadget doubles.

Given how many problems the glass back panel gives us, offering only a beautiful design in return, the question arises: is it worth it? Write in the comments what you think about it.

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